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Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A Roza 33 female Vancouver
A. Braeli 17 female Vancouver
A. Sara 18 female North Vancouver
A. Steve John 16 male Maple Ridge
A. Tristao 17 male Port Coquitlam
A. Koan 15 male Burnaby
A. Lucy 12 female Surrey
A. Isobel 10 female North Vancouver
A. James 12 male North Vancouver
A. Bella 18 female Seton Portage
A. Shayne 15 male Seton Portage
A. William 11 male North Vancouver
A. Theodore 6 male North Vancouver
A. Niamh 17 female Surrey
A. Yuvraj 10 male West Vancouver
A. Rosalie 12 female West Linn
A. Alexandra 11 female Toronto
A. Mana 13 female Burnaby
A. Sofia 15 female Garibaldi Highlands
A. Zacharias 16 male Vancouver
A. Lucas 15 male Coquitlam
A. Eloise 14 female West Kelowna
Aalhus Penny 56 female Langley
Aason Doug 72 Unspecified Vancouver
Abasi Farshad 51 male Vancouver
Abbey Sam 35 female Penticton
Abbis Sara 32 female Vancouver
Abbott Susan 79 female Vernon
Abd Elal Amir 48 male Nanaimo
Abdel-Meguid El-Hinnawy Nabil 42 male Vancouver
Abdelhadi Santiago 42 male Vancouver
Abdulla Arif 40 male Vancouver
Abedini Arjang 30 male Coquitlam
Abel Chris 52 male Burnaby
Abel Andrew 49 male Coquitlam
Abel Trina 50 female Coquitlam
Ables Alin 35 female Burnaby
Ablog Aileen 53 female Chilliwack
Aboud Karima 37 female Vancouver
Abraham Anne 32 female Coquitlam
Abraham Vera 56 female Prince George
Abraham Sandra 58 female Gibsons
Abraham-Ajayi Abi 36 male VANCOUVER
Abram Christine 35 female Vancouver
Abramson Steven 45 male Vancouver
Abrego Carlos 66 male Delta
Abrioux Janet 67 female Vancouver
Abuchaibe Luisa 33 female Vancouver
Abuel Emmanuel 27 male Surrey
Abustan Maryrose 43 female Vancouver
Acevedo Jose 45 male Delta
Achor Firina 25 female Vancouver
Acimovic Melanie 31 female Vancouver
Acker Kristine 59 female Moncton
Ackerley Kimara 39 female Richmond
Ackermann Steve 53 male Maple Ridge
Aclera Dean 26 male Vancouver
Acosta Elimar 44 male Surrey
Acosta Virgilia 45 female Surrey
Acton Keith 56 male North Vancouver
Acton Rae 57 female Vancouver
Acuna Rowena 32 female Vancouver
Adair Thomas 68 male Vancouver
Adair Catherine 69 female Vancouver
Adam Rick 46 male Mission
Adams Ali 36 female Vancouver
Adams Glen 82 male Penticton
Adams Don 79 male Langley
Adams Douglas 74 male Vancouver
Adams Linda 56 female Shoreline
Adams Melissa 47 female Vancouver
Adams Dylan 19 male Maple Ridge
Adamson Oren 32 male Vancouver
Adamson Christina 35 female Vancouver
Adderley Sharon 73 female Coquitlm
Adderley James 32 male Vancouver
Addison Sean 35 male Vancouver
Adelsberger Leeny 40 female North Vancouver
Adhikari Bikram 36 male Vancouver
Adiya Tumee 52 female Vancouver
Adolph Julee 55 female Coquitlam
Adoptante Raven Andrea 24 female Surrey
Adrian Verne 57 male Seton Portage
Adrian Jim 64 male Abbotsford
Advincula Mike 38 male Vancouver
Afghan Eric 45 male Vancouver
Africano Kirby 43 male Abbotsford
Afsah Ali 34 male Vancouver
AGACHE RADU 57 male Burnaby
Agacia Venus 40 female Vancouver
Agacia Michael 38 male Vancouver
Agapay Joyce 43 female Vancouver
Agboke Bilqis 29 female Vancouver
Ager Kieran 44 male Richmond
Aghedo Courage 50 male Surry
Agidza Consolata 36 female Burnaby
Agnew Jadyn 27 female Kelowna
Agno Andrew 48 male Lake Country
Agostinho Brianna 26 female PENTICTON
Agranovich Eugene 47 Unspecified Vancouver
Aguiar Melanie 45 female Port Coquitlam
Aguilar Jaynny 33 female Surrey
Aguirre Sylvia 58 female Burnaby, BC
Aguirre Abdon 56 male KELOWNA
Ahangar Mojtaba 29 male Burnaby
Ahmad Suleman 41 male Victoria
Ahmad Chaiar 39 male Vancouver
Ahmad Adele 48 female Vancouver
Ahmad Joe 90 male Surrey
Ahmad Rana 51 female Vancouver
Ahmad Sarah 56 female Victoria
Ahmadi Maryam 35 female VANCOUVER
Ahmadi Mani 53 male Vancouver
Ahmadi Mani 53 male Burnaby
Ahuja Stephanie 42 female Vancouver
Ahuja Devika 35 female West Vancouver
Aichele Miekel 60 female Vancouver
Aiken Isabelle 27 female Corbeil
Aikins Nona 68 female Smithers
Aikins Howard 90 Unspecified Smithers
Ainscough Kent 54 male Victoria
Airian Suzy 54 female Coquitlam
Aitken James 51 male Vancouver
Akbarnejad Mahsa 34 female West Vancouver
Akemaru Christine 39 female Canmore
Akenhead Keith 71 Unspecified Maple Ridge
Akhavan Heidari Morteza 42 male Burnaby
Aki Anthony 45 male Edmonton
Al Qahtani Mohammed 32 male Burnaby
Al-Shaheen Abdullah 39 male Vancouver
ALABA JOHN 49 male Surrey
Alam Sakkaf 50 male Alexandria
Alban Ethan 27 male Vancouver
Albernaz Ana Carolina 35 female Vancouver
Albert Velma 58 female Vancouver
Albert Jr. Brent 33 male Vancouver
Albert Sr. Brent 61 male Vancouver
Albrecht Nicole 53 female Kelowna
Albright Brittany 30 female Vancouver
Alcantara Rene 67 male Vancouver
Aldana Thomas 43 male Edmonton
Alden Lynn 76 female Vancouver
Alden Evan 18 male Vancouver
Alderman Amanda 43 female Vancouver
Aldridge Kathleen 35 female Vancouver
Aldridge Rae Ann 58 female VANCOUVER
Alegria Zack 28 male Richmond
Alencar Alexadre 42 male Vancouver
Alexander Eryn 30 female Vancouver
Alexander Sheila 60 female Prince George
Alexander Samantha 35 female Toronto
Alexander Erin 42 female North Vancouver
Alexander Luke 45 male North Vancouver
Alexander Sheree 36 female Haisla
Alexander Ramona Lee 67 female Lantzville
Alfred Taiaiake 59 male Victoria
Alfred Charlotte 56 female Vancouver
Ali Falisha 35 female Vancouver
Ali Tony 49 male Calgary
Ali Sonia 34 female Burnaby
Ali Yousuf 72 male Burnaby
Ali Saima 32 female Burnaby
Ali Nadra 59 female Vancouver
Ali Azeem 28 male Vancouver
Alibhai Karina 28 female West Vancouver
Alikpala Eric 65 male North Vancouver
Alindogan Aileen 48 female Burnaby
Alindogan Alyzza 28 female Burnaby
Alinea Douglas 53 male Burnaby
Alkalay Sivan 31 male Richmond
Alkurdi Mona 56 female Burnaby
Allan Wendy 49 female North Vancouver
Allan Amy 31 female North Vancouver
Allard Simon 45 male Vancouver
Allaye-Chan Ann 66 female New Westminster
Allchin Kerry 45 male New Westminster
Allen Montana 36 female North Vancouver
Allen Erik 50 male Vancouver
Allen Quinn 33 Unspecified Vancouver
Allen Courtnay 32 female NANAIMO
Allen Lisa 39 female Surrey
Allen Vivien 38 female Langley
Allen Lei 48 female Maple Ridge
Allen Kelly 30 female Summerland
Allester Jen 36 female Vancouver
Allin Lynn 57 female Vancouver
Allison Sheila 79 female Surrey
Allison Louise 53 female NORTH VANCOUVER
Allones Lorena 43 female Vancouver
Alltree Ron 67 male Oakville
Almeida Graziela 45 female PortCoquitlam
Almeida Larissa 39 female Vancouver
Almeida Bruna 32 female Vancouver
Almoneda Monica 31 female Vancouver
Almootassem Omar 29 male Vancouver
Alone Pereira Helena 34 female Burnaby
Alphonse Cecile 32 female Lumby
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